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Bar/Café Logo Design • BERLIN


In February 2016, I created a logo for a new cafe/resto/bar opening near Gorlitzer Park in Kreuzberg, Berlin.




Bulbul (which translates to 'nightingale') is the family name of the proprietor, and that of the establishment itself. 

Using the concept of the nightingale as a primary influence, I explored concepts involving bird silhouettes, feathers, wings, birdcages and flight.


The final logo is featured on the front of the cafe, as well as menus, promotions, merchandise, staff uniforms and bar paraphernalia.



Early on, I realized the potential of the capital B as a typographic opportunity to convey wings, or flight. I created a stack of idea variants combining the letterform with a simplified bird, ultimately using uniform, minimal lines to combine the two and emphasize both at once without compromising either.


The decor was being constructed as I was also working, which allowed us to discuss and review building materials and compare interior design flavours.

Industrial, raw, vintage, antique and modern, the space is eclectic and inviting, a mix of german architecture, arabic flourish and Kreuzberg cool.