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If any couple ever asks you to marry them, 



Shed whatever stage fright you might have, ignore the paranoia that you'll somehow ruin the day, find your cadence, have a shot, speak clearly and own that shit. It's worth spending the money, taking the time, traveling half way across the world and realizing, because hey -- how many times does that kind of opportunity arise? 

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Between finding and furnishing a flat, landing a creative leadership position, navigating the transit system, exploring the city and networking, I will have to make a serious effort to dedicate time to language studies. Though part of the challenge of moving to Berlin, learning German is, in itself, an adventure. I have no idea how long it will take, but I'm gonna guess that it'll be something of an extended effort.

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It is interesting to compare Canada's biggest city to somewhere like, say, Berlin. Though both share a familiar presence of creative culture, Berlin's creative class has emerged and permeated the city as a result of a more liberal European sensibility, inexpensive living costs, an extensive transit infrastructure, and a strange series of societal circumstances. Forced to (literally and figuratively) rebuild three times over the last one hundred years, Berliners are resilient, determined, diverse and resourceful people.

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