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When Cor and I moved to Berlin, we spent our first two weeks staying with two of our closest friends. As a thank you, I asked what their favourite animal is, and offered to make it into a sculpture; thus, I ended up sculpting Speckie, the golden pig.

Built upon balloons with white clay, Speckie began more as an experiment in weight distribution than as a quadrupedal form.  After figuring out the basic shape dynamics and balancing the legs and head during the initial drying phase, I shaped the details. After drilling some holes to help him dry, I then cut him in two and affixed each half to a respective L-shaped base. From there, I sealed and spraypainted him gold, and Speckie the Book End was born.

Speckie now lives amongst a stack of books upon a sunlit window sil in Prenzlauerberg, bringing joy to those who love swine.

Photos courtesy of NotYourStandard