Realize my idea of a man-sized three-toed sloth Hallowe'en costume, and win everything.


I've been entertaining the concept of a man-sized sloth costume for about five years, and this year, I'm finally going to realise it.


A beautiful, majestic, strange, amusing and defiant animal, the Sloth is an oddity of evolution. The only members of the genus Bradypus (and the family Bradypodidae), they are distant relatives of the giant Megatherium, an elephant-sized animal who generally loved nature, philosophizing, eating and resting, but slowly died out near the end of the Pleistocene about 10,000 years ago. 


By all reckoning, it's simply incredible that any family of animals such as sloths ever existed, thrived, and is still around even today after millions of years. There are countless other reasons why this is my favourite animal (able to turn their heads 270 degrees, sleeping an average of twenty hours a day, inadvertently using moss as camouflage, excellent swimmers, etcetera), and they all contribute to my decision to fabricate a man-sized sloth costume for Halloween 2015. I've already created a tailored slothsuit, and will complete the nails and other final details later this week.


Stay tuned for an updated post featuring full production photos, process notes and other stuff....