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The Berlin Wall Costume

A symbol of both oppression and freedom, The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, unifying East and West Berlin. Monuments and memorials draw hundreds of thousands each year to view the remains of this solemn reminder, whose message has become even more important as the Western political atmosphere echoes it's affects. Clever Halloween costume satire was, thus, inevitable. 

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Sloth Costume

I've been entertaining the concept of a man-sized sloth costume for about five years... and, on the best night of 2015, I finally realized it.

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Lycanthrope & Jackalope Costumes

This year, after considering various concepts and ideas, Cor and I decided to go as Mythological Taxidermy: Cor as the beloved Jackalope (a jack rabbit with antlers), and me as a Lycanthrope (a shapeshifter; in this case, a sort of werewolf-troll-ogre-man-thing).

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